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AR 2301

Prescribed Goals of the Assosiation

The Penn State World Student Government Association would like to list their long-term initiatives and prescribed goals in an open and transparent forum for the 2023-2024 year. This is to provide clarity and understanding on our vision and goals to the World Campus Government Associations Fifth Assembly, university officials, and the student body of Penn State World Campus.

AR 2202

The Accurate and Sustained Records Act of 2023


The Penn State World Student Government Association, having to set and meet a standard of archival record must retain any and all Assembly meeting minutes, resolutions, Executive proclamations, orders, and other appropriate documents as necessary for the historic record.

Budget Resolution

Budget package for the 5th Assembly



The main priority of the Fifth Assembly is to provide engagement opportunities for the students of World Campus. We aim to do so by upholding Penn State University’s values of integrity, respect, responsibility, discovery, excellence, and community. The WCSGA Fifth Assembly intends to pioneer new ways to connect our online community of 23,000 students by encouraging both virtual and in person collaboration.

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